Our approach to vacation home design.

We bring a unique perspective, approach, and vision.

In today’s ‘experience economy’, short-term rentals are on the rise and good ones are very in-demand.  Most people list their properties "as-is" for rent on booking sites like AirBnb, VRBO, Home Away, etc... and most lack the thoughtfulness, creativity, amenities, and ambiance that people are actually searching for.


Nowadays, there are hundreds of listings to browse through in a given area.  It's difficult enough to 'get seen'; so the goal is that when someone views your listing, they love what they see and book instantly.  We don't want yours to be one that gets X'd out.

Creative design

Getaway design means peaceful, relaxed, and full of character.

Home design for 'getaways' is all about creating relaxing, cozy, timeless spaces that feel a little magical and nothing like home -- with an ambiance that'll draw people in and make it so they don't want to leave!

We’re obsessed with creating comfortable, modern retreats fitting with the style of the local area; from woodsy cabins and mountain lodges, to beach cottages and updated farmhouses.  

Thoughtful planning

We'll help you avoid guesswork and wasted time/money by investing smartly and setting your rental up properly from the start.

We always get an understanding of the local market and other vacation rentals/lodging in the area before making any recommendations.  We'll always help you set a financial goal first, then create a business strategy, design plan, and budget that makes sense for your property. 


Big or small, rustic or modern, waterfront or in the woods -- there's a way to work with each property's strengths and create value.

Never cookie-cutter

Creatively stand out from the crowd to increase bookings.

Designing for vacation rentals means thinking like a business; which means in the sea of other options out there -- you'll need to give people a reason to choose your home, and a reason to pay a premium. 


We’re always looking to add unique "differentiators" -- think fully stocked coffee bar, game room, fire pit, or reading nook -- all in alignment with your property, the location, your target audience, and your financial goals and budget.

Top guest experiences

Leave guests delighted, so they'll leave 5-star reviews, and want to return year-after-year.

Remember; you're in the hospitality business!  It's easy for us to put ourselves in the guests' shoes, because we're avid travelers too.  We believe in the importance of details; from the first impression when guests arrive, to their comfort level during their stay.


Our goal is always to create a memorable experience that people will greatly enjoy and want to return to -- and this is where the little details make a big difference.

Investment mindset

Committed to creating beautiful spaces that pay for themselves.

Since we approach vacation homes from a business perspective, we always have the guest experience and your budget in-mind -- because we know that to design, furnish and decorate a vacation rental, it needs to work for both you and your guests.  Each property will have its own strategy, based on the local area, the competition, and the nightly rate you're targeting. 


Balancing durability, aesthetics, and budget, we're experts at where to shop for the right products and materials to make your project make sense.  Even with our fees, we can often save you money in total.

Fun fact: marketing, maintenance, & improvements on a rental property are tax-deductible too.

The missing pieces

Beyond our services, we love helping our clients make connections.

Getaway Vacation Properties is just a small company, and although we can help in a lot of ways, we know there are more services you need to manage your vacation rental successfully.  We genuinely want to help set you up for success, after we've completed projects for you.

Owner Hilary owns her own rental properties, and is always happy to 'talk shop', offer advice and insights, and help you find great realtors, mortgage brokers, property managers, house cleaners, handymen, landscapers, and more.  


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