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Nice to meet you!  We're proud to be a small business living and working in beautiful northern New England, serving the vacation rental industry.

We're here to help people optimize their vacation rentals with a strategy, design, and budget that makes sense -- bringing to life the character of the space and natural surroundings, creating amazing experiences for guests, and showcasing your property to stand out in the sea of other online listings. 

We're a blend of entrepreneurial business strategist, interior designer, project-manager, home stylist, and marketing pro rolled into one company -- offering the perfect solution to help you get in the game, or improve the appeal of your existing properties.

Meet the Owner

Hilary Lane has always been creative, crafty, entrepreneurial and action-oriented -- she organized a neighborhood carnival "for little kids" when she was only 12,  sold unofficial beer-themed senior class t-shirts out of her trunk at 18, and made jewelry in her young 20's as a creative release while working in the corporate world. 


Hilary started her career helping bring new products to market for a Fortune 500 consumer goods company, where she orchestrated the overhaul of a $15M/year product category involving hundreds of SKUs and a packaging redesign, and helped launch the laptop category online for the commercial business.  When she was 26 she left her job to buy and "flip" a struggling cafe -- overseeing renovations, rebranding, and a doubling of sales within 3 years.  The cafe quickly become the #1 rated on TripAdvisor and Yelp out of 85 restaurants in town, and sustained that ranking under Hilary's ownership.

She sold her cafe business in late 2016, then enjoyed a month in Maui before moving to New Hampshire -- where she's held positions including Digital Product Owner and Director of Product Marketing for some of the country's largest companies, while renovating residential properties of her own; transforming them into furnished rentals.

With a passion for entrepreneurship and renovating, Hilary left the corporate world again and launched Getaway Vacation Properties in late 2019 to help fellow 'hospitality entrepreneurs' be able to own their own getaways that pay for themselves, while making a smart long-term investment in real estate.

Our Backstory

Although Getaway finally launched in 2019; the idea was planted over 10 years ago...

Over the years, Hilary planned countless weekend getaways and road trips for friends & family, so she's personally spent hours scouring AirBnb and VRBO's listings for great vacation rentals to accommodate the right number of people comfortably and affordably.  Although there's an endless sea of options out there, she continued to notice how difficult it was to find options that looked appealing and gave her enough confidence to book!


Additionally, throughout her own travel experiences she's stayed in plenty of different vacation rentals, and has taken note of what she and others liked or disliked about the places they stayed in.  She's noticed lots of little details that affect the guest experience -- ranging from trouble finding the place in the dark, quirks with thermostats, uncomfortable furniture, lack of decent pillows, and even listings that misrepresent the rental entirely (luckily only one horror story!).


After years of scouting, and hundreds of listings ‘X’d out of’ (regardless of how low the price) -- she started to realize that many homeowners could use help -- and began to form the idea for Getaway Vacation Properties.


Why hire us?

We bring an understanding of marketing, a detail-oriented eye for aesthetics, and the ability to get s#*& done!

  • Passion: we personally believe in real estate as an amazing long-term investment.  That combined with our excitement about giving you the opportunity to have your own getaway to enjoy is what fuels us!

  • Eye for aesthetics: our style is simple, relaxed, and rustic -- ideal for vacation houses, camps, cottages, cabins, chalets, and condos.  We love adding a healthy dose of creativity to each project so your property will look great, while standing-out.

  • Detail-oriented: we put ourselves in the guests' shoes, and ensure that no detail gets left unnoticed from your listing to your home instructions to the amenities of the home itself.

  • Business mindset: if you're in the hospitality business, then your rental property is your 'product'.  We bring an understanding of consumer buying behavior (how people shop online, what influences their satisfaction level, and how to create an experience they'll want to return to) so we can set you up for success.

  • Project management: with an innate drive, attention to detail, and ability to tightly manage ordering of materials/products, coordinating sub-contractors, and drive towards deadlines; Hilary is great at overseeing renovation projects.

How can we help?

For those with properties in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont... 

We don't do property management (although we can refer you) and we're not a construction company (although we bring in trusted specialized tradespeople as-needed, or work alongside yours).  We're your investment strategist, project manager, and 'getaway designer'; our niche in the business of vacation rentals means everything we do is hyper-focused on optimizing and positioning your property as a successful rental.

There's almost no job too small; as long as you're interested in investing in your property, we'll find a way to make improvements on your budget.

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